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Whistleblower Project

Campaigning for Protections for Immigrant Whistleblowers and Undocumented Workers engaged in labor disputes or cooperating with enforcement agencies

Campaign Statement

CHRCL is campaigning for more robust protections for undocumented, guest workers, and other vulnerable immigrant workers. We are advocating for expansion of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) grant of immigration relief, including deferred action status (DAS) or parole status, and employment authorization documents (EADs), for workers engaged in labor disputes, including those who report labor law violations or cooperate in the investigation of prosecution of labor law violations. See an explanation of rights below.

Immigrant Whistleblowers working in field

Our Call for Action

On January 13, 2023, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finally responded to demands to increase the availability of immigration protection for workers engaged in labor disputes by issuing new DHS guidelines that may increase the ability of some workers to obtain temporary protection from arrest and deportation by way of “deferred action status” and temporary work permits.

Overall, the DHS January announcement is a step in the right direction. It somewhat strengthens existing policies. However, as discussed below, the announcement falls far short of the need for immigrant worker protections. Below we’ve summarized what workers have gained, and what must still be won. Part of that fight will require the submission of a Freedom of Information Act Request to DHS so we can better understand how the agency has up to now been implementing its existing policies on immigrant worker protections and how it plans to implement guidelines mentioned in its January announcement. A copy of the draft FOIA request is available here. If interested in joining the FOIA as a requesting party or co-counsel, use the button below.

DHS Policy Highlights

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Ongoing Advocacy to Strengthen DHS Policy

Immigrant whistleblowers need your support

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