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As a non-profit, we offer many options for volunteering, so that our community and partners can get involved with helping immigrant children and vulnerable populations. These options are split into four categories include mentoring with educational workshops, interpreter/child welfare expert/legal pro-bono work assisting with monitoring detention sites, passing out tents to homeless, and construction/restoration of our at-risk youth center.

Research has shown the benefits you'll receive from volunteering can greatly

improve your quality of life. Especially in older populations, volunteering

reduces stress, leads to lower rates of depression, and decreases anxiety. In

turn, people who volunteer lead longer lives and are less likely to experience

medical conditions like heart disease and strokes.

Volunteers also experience more life satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

and tend to retain a community of likeminded individuals they meet along the

way, great for networking and meeting new people or strengthening existing

relationships. Volunteers will often be provided with challenges and new experiences, creating great work experience.

Below you will find a comprehensive description of all the roles and links to where you can get started.

CHRCL volunteers

CH   YNGE Mentorship Program

CHAYNGE (Center of Hope for At-Risk Youth and Newcomers' Growth and Enrichment) is our social mobility center, offering free services to immigrant and low income youth.


The overall goal of the program is to assist youth in our community to achieve stable and prosperous livelihoods for generations to come. We offer social and career service workshops aimed at equipping youth with the necessary skills to transition into a stable and well-adapted life within the U.S. The workshops include a range of services to encourage and enhance participants' educational and vocational abilities, self-esteem, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

We are always looking for experts in the following fields to help provide these workshops and increase the chances for social mobility among youth in these vulnerable populations.

Career Services 

  • ESL

  • Resume Workshops

  • Interview Prep

  • Career exploration

  • Linkedin Workshops

Creative Workshops

  • Painting / Fine Art

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Cinema

  • Music

  • Cooking

  • Writing

  • and more


  • Surfing

  • Hiking

  • Snowboarding

  • Soccer

  • Swimming

  • and more

Field Trips

  • Sporting events​

  • Museums

  • Movies

  • Cultural performances

  • Tours

  • and more

Casa Libre Yoga Volunteer workshop

Job Training / Job Placement

Our community often need to earn a living right after graduating high school or transitioning out of shelters once they turn 18 years old. Hands-on training in a work environment is one of the best tools for success, and a secure job is even better as they begin to navigate life as an adult. 

***Please note, all mentors will require a background check.***

***Most of our residents speak Spanish as their first language, so Spanish fluency is helpful but not required for mentors***

Reunify Detention Site Monitoring

Our mission is to represent all detained minors in the Flores federal court case, to ensure that their conditions of detention are safe and secure and meet the requirements of the several Flores settlements which set the standards for the conditions of detention and release of minors, and to monitor compliance with the Flores settlements by visiting and inspecting detention facilities national-wide, including Border Patrol facilities.

Currently these children need licensed attorneys, social workers, mental health specialists, pediatricians, health care specialists and interpreters to help us conduct interviews and on-site visits as well as provide consultations, assessments, and occasionally legal representation and health care services and referrals. We are also looking for organizations within these sectors that would like to volunteer.

Project Reunify volunteers

Tents for Homeless Distribution

The goal of Tents for Homeless is to provide tents to chronically homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles. Given the enormous size of the homeless population in Los Angeles, emergency shelters are filled to capacity with long waitlists. 

Tents are not the long-term solution, however, they do provide a modicum of privacy and shelter from sun and inclement weather.

Every month we organize a small group of volunteers to go out to homeless encampments and distribute tents to those in need.


If you are interested in volunteering for Tents-4-Homeless tent distribution, please fill out our volunteer form.

Tents for homeless children

CH   YNGE Restoration Project

Built in 1901, CHAYNGE was designed by renowned architect John Parkinson, designer of the Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles City Hall, and the Union Station. With vaulted ceilings and curved walls throughout, the 10,000-square-foot Gothic mansion is an architectural masterpiece. 

After its 1996 purchase by the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional

Law, Inc., CHAYNGE was renovated with updated plumbing, electrical

systems, ADA compliance, fire-alarm system, and more. As is the case

with all historic buildings, Casa Libre requires constant maintenance and

upkeep to preserve its historic integrity. 

Do you have restoration experience? Are you a contractor? Or do you

want to give back to your community?

How you can volunteer:

  • Painting

  • Landscaping

  • Material Donations (paint, equipment, tools, etc)

  • Construction (Licence required)

  • Electrical (Licence required)

  • Plumbing (Licence required)

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so all of your donations are tax deductible, and you are making the world a better place with your kindness and generosity!

To volunteer please fill out our Volunteer Form. Be sure add a note to tell us more about your volunteer details!

Casa Libre volunteers group photo
Center for human rights and constitutional law

CHRCL is a non-profit and relies on your generosity to fund our services.

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