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Projects & Advocacy Campaigns 

CHRCL Campaigns

CHRCL runs a number of different projects with different teams, Project Reunify is set up to enhance conditions of detained immigrant children and secure their freedom. Tents for Homeless, while not a long term solution, provides necessary temporary shelter. Our LA Youth Program, CHAYNGE, offers workshops to prepare at-risk and immigrant youth with arts, real world skills, and provide avenues for social mobility. SIJ Work Permits then seeks to grant undocumented youth with work permits so that immigrants may apply their incredible skills. Our Immigrant Whistleblower Project fights for the rights for undocumented immigrant youth to safely report workplace violations. Finally, the Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform is the work of multiple organizations creating a cohesive long term solution for immigration once enough immigration advocates obtain active positions in congress.


Center of Hope for At-Risk Youth and Newcomers' Growth and Enrichment

Casa Libre CHAYNGE
Project Reunify CHRCL

Setting the standard for detained immigrant children's living conditions and reuniting them with their families under the Flores Settlement.

Project Reunify

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Tents for Homeless

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Tents for Homeless

Providing homeless men, women, and children with temporary  shelter for survival and protection against inclement weather.

SIJ Work Permits

SIJ Work Permits

A legal and advocacy campaign to help abused, neglected, and abandoned Special Immigrant Juveniles get work permits.

Whistleblower Project

Campaigning for Protections for Immigrant Whistleblowers and Undocumented Workers engaged in labor disputes or cooperating with enforcement agencies

Immigrant Whistleblower project

Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform

Formed by CHRCL, over 250 organizations collaborated to create a blueprint for comprehensive immigration reform that would be rational, humane, and achievable.


Advance Parole

Advance parole

Campaigning to allow undocumented immigrants who's home has been in the United States for 10 years to be granted permanent residence after inspection.

Haitian crisis

Haitian Crisis

The United States is currently turning away Haitian refugees who are fleeing a humanitarian crisis and seeking to legally gain asylum in the U.S. under international law.

Center for human rights and constitutional law

CHRCL is a non-profit and relies on your generosity to fund our services.

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