We have recently learned that the unprecedented conditions that we’re all experiencing extend to new rules governing charitable giving under the CARES Act. First and foremost, individuals who itemize their taxes can now claim deductions up to 100% of their adjusted gross income in 2020. This represents a very significant jump from the typical limitation of 60% of adjusted gross income, and it appears that 2020 will be the only year this higher level of deduction is possible. For folks who don't itemize, the standard deduction can be up to $300/person or $600/married couple applied against income.

The CARES Act also raised the annual cash gift limits from 10% to 25% of corporate taxable income. Please consult with your accountant to see if these modified charitable giving rules could reduce your tax liability, while providing additional support to the Center For Human Rights and Constitutional Law. 

At the Center For Human Rights and Constitutional Law, we      appreciate your generosity.


      Here are few of our projects where your donation would be used:

  • Federal litigation in support of abused, abandoned, and neglected immigrant and refugee children eligible to legalize status as Special Immigrant Juveniles.

  • Enforcing the rights of children detained pending deportation or removal to appropriate placement and services.

  • Federal litigation involving efforts by state and local governments to enforce federal immigration laws.

  • Litigation, legislative advocacy and policy analysis to address the rights of immigrants to state driver’s licenses.

  • Protecting the rights of immigrant survivors of crime, human trafficking, and domestic violence.